What an Ar**h*l*!

Today i wnet to see someone who was supposed to be a doctor expecting to get a blood test and what i got was a narrow minded idiot telling that i should do this i should do that. I was almost lost for words, i coulnd’t believe that this guy say’s that i should do more, that i should go to places as me instead of staying in all the time. I try’d explaining that this is who i am, that i don’t go out often because i don’t feel the need to. But he just keeps going on and on about me staying in and playing videogames all the time and not having a job, but like i was saying that it’s difficult to get a job or even an interview at this time, but typically, he just doesn’t seem to understand that everybody, including me, are having a very tough time looking for suitable work.

Anyway he then suggested that i should try and get my mom to meet him, im not sure that is a good idea, she would lay into him and maybe make him feel like shit, but then again, im surprised i didn’t do that myself.


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