It’s been awhile / need to type stuff up to clear my head.

So, it’s been about 2 – 3 months since my last post, time for a quick catch up first.


Been to my first trans meeting and talked to other trans people. Meet a very intelligent and friendly person there.

Had a job interview yesterday for the first time in a couple of years.

Got my first lot of make-up. Foundation blusher, bronzer etc. and a mascara. Wore them a few times out and about and nobody appered to have noticed.

Continued to self med hormones, very little has changed. More on that later.

Orderd more clothes, basic stuff like t-shirts and jeans, currently waiting for new undies to arrive (should’ve arrived by today. It’s taking too long).

I think that’s about it. Now to clear my head.


Lately, i’ve been noticing little changes in my psychology and apperance, my face slightly appears to be changing but i’m not sure what exactly is changing.

Psychology i’m finding myself to be feeling more and more content and happy. But this isn’t something that’s most striking me, i seem to be getting more happier with shopping now, like before i typically just want to go and grab what i want and leave, but now i feel more prone to just browes, like my mother, even though i try not to.

This evening i had felt a bit wierd so i had to go and lie down and started thinking about all these things and started having different feelings all mashing into one, at one point i nearly started crying, although i wasn’t exactly sure why.

I’ve even been looking at my body recently and started epilating a little bit again, as i have a very hairy body (something that appears to run in the family), I’ve been thinking that waxing would probably be a better alternative as epilating doesn’t seem to work quite well, and takes a long while to finish as im going over areas multiple times just to remove a few untouched hairs.

Also been thinking that, even though my face *seemed* to change sllightly, i still look mostly male, doesn’t help the fact that i still got facial hair. But i have been thinking that i should try laser at advice by some people before possibly moving onto electrolysis. But i have read a few weeks ago that the NHS should now be funding for laser treatments for trans patients again, wether or not my GP and/or psychologists will actually agree to fund it is something i may find out soon.


Anyway, got some more make-up about to be delivered soon. Eyeshadow and eyeliner. Would love to try those soon, however i won’t be going out wearing them for some time. Anyway, i don’t know when i’ll write on this blog again, so until next time, see ya! 🙂


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