Update and coming out on the internet.

It’s been two months since the last post and alot has happend.


First of all, i have came out on the internet (well twitter, at this time), so i think i can now stop being annonymous. My (about to become) name is Serana, and i live in Norwich in the UK and now working (Yay! :D) at Mercy Nightclub in the city. My Twitter handle is @lilserana88


So i have continued going to trans meetings, havn’t bought any new make-up but have bought a new, cool black/red stripe hoody. The last time that i have been to the psychiatrists i had mom come with me and that might have helped alot as the psych has said for deffinate he will write a recommendation to Charing Cross. Still self medding hormones too right now.

So i’m now planning to get my deed poll signed and witness to make my new name official and to also save up for laser treatment. Things are going very well and im more happier then i have been for a long time. Things are starting to look up (and up, and up, etc). 😀



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