Gradual coming out at work.

Started coming out to work colleauges back on last saturday and the first person i told was shocked. I couldn’t see why as i was wearing some make-up (it wasn’t massively obvious though, except maybe the mascara).

The second person didn’t seem too botherd by it (or they didn’t realise or it didn’t sink in) and last night was the 3rd (and maybe a few others if they were paying attention).

Now, this third person has done the stereotypical thing that most cis people do, asked if my genitlas have been “chopped off”, i quickly set the record straight by saying that trans* people don’t like being asked any questions about there crotches then i made the point that he wouldn’t go around asking complete strangers about there crotches. But then he went on saying he’d happily whip his penis out in front of anybody, which i really didn’t need to hear.

Anyway during talking to him i finally have told someone at work (and again, any others that were paying attention) my new/future female name (this was just before the crotch discussion, though).

So, in general, so far, i havn’t had any real problems yet of anyone knowing im transitioning, which is good for me as i’m feeling more comfortable with these people, and thus making the work enjoyable to an extent.

Things are going well. 🙂


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