Coming out to friends and family in mass, plus more.

At this time in writing (typing) i have broke the news of my transitioning to family and friends plus my mom has shared it so those family members, for whatever reason arn’t on my friends list, will also know. Currently fromthe tiny amount of people so far that has seen it, it has been all positives so far. ^_^

Also, tomorrow i am having my name changed officially by having the signature witnessed.

Also, in my last blog post i mentioned that the second person i had come out too, well, maybe i didn’t, but anyway, i will now tell everyone come thursday and saturday that my name is officially Serana and im transitioning. So i’ll have to remind everyone there that i’m now to be called serana and not my old, dead, name.

That is all until whenever i’ll blog next time, which could be about a videogame (most likely “The Last of Us”).


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