Strong feelings, work and annoyance with not hearing from the GIC and psychologists.

Lets start with what im feeling comfortable writing about first.

The first thing is calling, the gender clinic, THEY NEVER ANSWER THEIR PHONE!! X( Apperantly, they’ll only respond if you leave a message with your name and phone number. I HATE leaving messages! They don’t even (appear) to have an e-mail address! This isn’t the 19th centuary!

Next, psychologist, who i did manage to talk to. It was about voice therapy and that my GP wanted a letter from the shrink, i have no idea why though. But anyway, called her up last week and it turned out she hadn’t wrote it. -_-


Anyway, workplace. Sometimes im having a good time there, other times frustrating. This past saturday i was alone in one of the areas (upstairs) and working in the washroom on my own. Of course there were barstaff but i was the only bar support when normally there is two or three (three, too many, one, not enough). So i was working my arse off on my own most of the night with the occasional help with the other bar support staff from downstairs, but, i had soo much to do! And i after i finally finished when the club was closed, i came down and saw the others so relaxed, that got me a bit annoyed again as some of them are lazy bums on most nights anyway, with me running around like a lunatic.


Next, continuing with work but relationships, then relationships outside of work, i find talking about relationships difficult. I just feel guilty that i have any feelings for someone, even if they my friends… or not. which, *gulp*, im worried about typing on here, so i’ll just be as vague as possible.


Well, workplace relationships. It’s a little odd at times. Some people seem to want to know who i “like”, some people want to know how i tell someone i love them (i don’t, obviously), to how i would react to someone telling me they love me (laugh at them, if im not interested in them. I know, i can be cruel).

Anyway, i’ve made one friend, i think they’re my friend, at least. But anyway, i don’t entirely get some of the others, one of them reminds me of one of one of my cousin (eeerr!), some seems to want to stand close to me not doing anything while im working (why ARE they standing by me? Don’t they have something to do?!), some make strange high pitched noise and point at me (weird), and another slips up and calls me by my dead name (Grrrr. Asshole!).

Well, last bit next. Relationships (outside of work)…… I have strong feelings for someone, thats it, not much else to say really. :/


UPDATE: I no longer have an account due to disinterest, i do, however, now have a go fund me account with a donation campign for laser hair removal. Link:


Thats it, hopefully i’ll get started on my speech therapy soon and hear from Charing Cross GIC soon too.

Until next time……. Sleep tight. 🙂


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