Attacks on Young Trans people is not nice!

For once, im not blogging about myself this time. I actually have something to get off my chest about some certain older trans woman who are being vile towards an innocent young queer transwoman. If you follow my twitter (or any other trans womans twitter), you know who i’m talking about already.

I am talking about Andrea James and Calpernia Addams. They have publicly attacked Parker Marie Molloy about her calling out Ru-Paul on using trans slurs and being queer. They have attacked her with homophobia and, un-ironically, transphobia.

I have put my name to a letter for news outlets like BoingBoing, Huffington post and others because their (James and Addams) attacks on Parker are unjust and i can’t see why they would do something like this to another trans person when themselves are trans. They call themselves “leaders” of the community, they certainly were never my “leader”, i don’t believe i have one simply because i do my own thing instead of doing what others tell me (and i get annoyed when someone does tell me to do something, unless they’re my senior, like at work). This is true for many young trans people today as James and Addams are of an older generation where they were probably made fun of by the ignorant cis media many years ago, but for them now to be attacking a young, intellegent, up-and-coming journalist for trying to educate cis people in america and around the world is very backwards looking and unprofessional. It’s as if they want trans people to be made to feel out of place again in society despite the many recent years of fighting for trans rights and educating the massive amount of cis people the around the whole world. It makes me wonder who’ll they target next for being queer or calling out someone they like for transphobic slurs. Could it be me? Could it be Zinnia Jones? Could it be Paris Lees? Whoever they might attack next, the young trans community wont be quite about it, i’m sure of it.

Well, this evening has brought new devlopments to this story, now on twitter some more voices in the older side of the trans community has started attacking Parker and siding with James, even a known TERF, Cathy Brennan, has joined in and sided with James too. As you will see in the links provided, the launguage used by these people are very disgusting and the 250+ trans woman who had signed that letter (myself included) totally condones these few individuals. We just hope that BoingBoing and the Huffington post will listen to the majority of the trans community and refuse to publish anymore of the vile hateful words of these two supposed “leaders” of the trans community. As i’ve said before, they are no leader of mine!

I hope that Parker Molloy continues with her work and don’t let the horrible words of these two woman affect her life, as she has gone through enough trouble already.


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