Anniversary post.

Hello, this time last year i had published my first blog post, so i’m doning this one to mark the occasion and summarise how my year has been.

Short version, full of ups and downs, at least one of them of my own making (a down—er)

So when i did my first post, i was mostly still “In the closet” about my transitioning. The only people who knew were my mom, sister and, i think, nanny. I didn’t feel like i should let anyone else know until i at least got my name changed, which happend 7 months later. So between July and November i was seeing my GP and psychologists and they (psychos) repeatadly told me that i should go to one of these trans meetings. Which i eventually did.

I was, a little nervous, considering i was going to a place full of much much older woman then me and i knew i would’ve felt totally out of place, but it was there where i met Hannah, who wasn’t too much older than me and helped me feel welcomed and we’ve been friends ever since. Which helped me to look forward to going to the meetings even when she wasn’t there.

Fast forward to February now and i got myself a new job and felt a little awkward once again, i was still using my old name and everyone at work assumed i was cis, or at least that i might have been a gay male, i guess. So i wanted to tell them in a unique way of getting my deed poll singed, but i don’t think they quite realised that i was trans from that. I eventually did tell a few people but i don’t think everybody got it, or whatever. Anyway, the night before my deed poll got signed i came out to my friends and family on Facebook and then everybody else on Twitter and changed my name on both. I had a great response from most people, it makes me feel proud that i have such understanding and awesome friends and family.

Then, in may, i lost my job, because i was being an asshole. But i felt like i was getting screwed over, i didn’t think i was getting any recognition for my hard work plus it was zero hours, so not getting a nights work peeved me offwhich resulted in me getting sacked because the boss was an impatient, trigger friendly (when it comes to firing people) middle age (read, old) cis-male douchbag!

Anyway, in the same month i learned that my psychologist had sent a letter of recommendation to Charing Cross, Britains premier center for trans people (har-har). I have yet to get a letter from them though (unsurprisingly).

And finally last month i’ve had one of my better days in years, the suffolk pride. I won’t go into deets as i’ve already done that in my previous post.

So, what will the future bring? Well my hopes are, prescribed hormones, a new job, and, most importantly to me, have a girlfriend who i love (or boyfriend, if that’s possible).


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