TERF Danger

Next is a story of 3 friends gone out for an evening together only to find out later as they were going home they find out that they were being stalked by none other than a group of TERFs (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists). Now, I’m sure some people that’ll read this will know that I despise what TERFs do to, not just trans woman, but cis allies too, so I wont go into that. But back to this story, the three friends was having a nice night out and suspected that their might have been someone stalking them or something. It turns out to be true as they came across, on Twitter (I spend alot of time on there) that the TERF stalkers were comunicating each other where the three freinds was and one of them bragged about it on twitter. Thankfully, the three woman had already left the pub and didn’t get any abuse from them.

Now, the concerning thing is most TERFs havn’t resorted to stalking people before and this is a new concern for every trans* person and trans* allies. As everyone in the community knows that TERFs has tried multiple times for years to try and wipe out the existance of Trans* people by any means neccesary (except murder). This is also worrying for me, a trans female who has a few trans friends myself, as I worry about them and myself that we could be targeted. It has already happen to one of my friends as her band got targeted by some one who i’ll just refer too as “cockroach” (My friend simply calls them “insect”). Cockroach had, on their website, accused them of something that they’re not. Although, whatever they were trying to do, it didn’t work, thankfully. But I fear that one day, one of these TERFs will hit hard once again on another trans* person and ruin their lives completly. They are very dangerous to people who want nothing more than to live their lives. And I know that I might end up becoming their next target after this is published, but there is nothing much they could do to me at this time, anyway.


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