Young trans girl, raises money to escape from abusive family.

I had read some tweets a few days ago about this trans girl, Liz, who was being abused by her family. I had clicked on the GoFundMe link and read the whole story myself and felt quite….. I don’t know how to put it properly, but….. connected, or something, like we might have similar experiences of getting abused by those we thought we could trust, who thought these people could unconditionally love us.
Now, I’ve already told my story that I had abuse from someone who was supposed to be my step-dad. And it took awhile for it to finally end.
But anyway, liz’s story really moved me and I got into putting the word out on twitter and even saying that this girl needs money more then me (I had a GoFundMe page as well, for hormones). So the second time I got word of this out on Twitter, I made a few tweets but couldn’t calm down, I was panicking and was short of breath. Yeah, I had a panic attack because I cared about this stranger enough that I was doing what I could to try to get people to donate.

When I was writing this blog post, I had looked at my web history to find the page again and saw that, thankfully, she has hit her target. Which I am glad and there is a message from her girlfriend expressing gratitude. Now I just hope that Liz can now get away from her abusive family and have a great life ahead of her.


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