Transitioning shouldn’t be a big deal to the mass media!

Anybody who has the smallest bit of interest in the british (and american) media will know that this past weekend there has been a bit of a media circus surrounding the transitioning of a ledgendary boxer, now known as Kellie Maloney.

Now, i’m not into boxing at all so I don’t know anything about this person but, the circus has been in a swing over this person coming out as trans. Now, my initial response to this is to just ignore it, as it isn’t a big deal to me.

But the thing is the mass media always acts surprised about trans people. And those who are quite famous enough (Like Kellie) would find themselves on several front pages and then find themselves being talked about on national radio and TV. This is something that would be very stressful for the average person, to have all this hoo-haa happening in an important part of their life because “oooo look, a transsexual” and getting pestered by the media with uneccesary questions like, “have you had the surgery” etc.

Now, there has been a fairly large number of famous transitionings by now that it shouldn’t be a huge surprise to the media anymore. But, like the senile, “put anything shocking on the front page”, media, they keep on doing it like it’s in anyway important news. So when they do these news pieces on trans people/person, they sometimes get things spectacularly wrong! Using incorect pronouns, using dead names all the time instead the persons current name, etc.

I’ve been reading the exclusive from The Mirror that a friend shared on FB (with her saying it might interest me. Really? Oh ok, it did interest me now!) and the usual cliche of “I was born in the wrong body and I have always known I was a woman” was in the article. Now, she supposedly said this (I havn’t watched the video interview) but this is something that doesn’t hold true for a number of trans people and is such that, the media should never believe that this is always true for all trans people.

Now, there has been changes in the media, thanks to the voluntary organistaion All About Trans, that has raised awareness about trans people and yet, there’s still this big thing about us. What is it that is soo interesting about us? We’re just normal human beings! We eat, sleep and fart just like everybody else does!

So, to balance this out, I think it’s great that Kellie has decided to go ahead with her transition when she did because trying to live as someone else, other than yourself, is soul destroying. And I do hope she will have a happier life now.

SO, isn’t it time the media just stopped being giddy about trans people? We’re kind of a normal part of society now!


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