Rainbow flag and pride isn’t for the straight, cis people!

Recently around the time of the ruling in america that all 50 states should be allowing same sex marriage and pride event in Londond plus otehr parts of the world, me and others within  teh LGBTQIA+ community has witness many cishets changing their Facebook and Twitter profile pics/avatars to the rainbow LGBTQIA+ pride flag.

This is a problem for these reasons.

That for millennials, all cishets have never been oppressed just for being Cis and heterosexual.

LGBTQIA+ has been opprssed by cishets for many decades and for transgender and intersex people, been murdered in cold blood becuase they’re trans and/or intersex.

All LGBTQIA+ People have for some decades been seen as being gross, disgusting, unnatural etc.

So, the rainbow flag that’s supposed to represent all of us that are different to cishets because of gender pressentation and sexuality came around because we felt like we needed to stand up for ourselves and look out for one another and fight for our right to live as ourselves and to lead as normal a life as possible without persecution. Cis and heterosexuals, this flag isn’t for you, it’s for us who have been oppressed by you for centuries! Stop waving our flags and stop using them in your online profile pics!!


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