Don’t ask me if I had “the operation” and don’t call me “sir”!

Today I was at the charity shop that the lovely (sarcasm) Seetec and Jobcenter had sent me too. I’m on my second Friday out of 4 fridays there, and transphobia and misgendering happend.

Starting off first with some woman who I believe has MH issues, was trying to joke with me about “men wearing dresses”, I then stamered trying to tell her that it’s not ok to say things like that. Earlier she keeps on interupting me trying to have a chat with the lovely manager is well a couple of times which naturally I was a little annoyed about, but I digress.

Later on I was sitting by the till with another volutare and the inevitable happend.

“Have you had the operation yet?”

The ultimate thing a cis person can ask a trans person that makes the recipient feel very uncomfortable makes one wonder if this person who asks this has any boundries at all.

I tried to tell them that it’s not ok to ask that but as usual with cis people, they try to make an excuse. Their’s were “but there was this man on TV who…..” *brain switched off*

Yeah, very uncomfortable. It made me wonder why I had ever talked to this person.

Lastly, someone tried to call my phone up many times, only for them or me by accident, hung up. Well I managed to answer this one time and it was someone from my mobile phone operator. They were trying to get me topossibly part some cash a month on some new plan with a new sim card, all the while calling me “sir” even after I told them my name! AAAARRRRRGHHH!!!

You can bet i’m not going to take up their offer!

If these things in the charity shop happen again, I shall talk to the lovely manager (and she is very lovely) about what is happening, because I won’t put up with this crap! And neither should any other trans person who has or will be put in the same position as I have!


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