I shouldn’t be in love with a company to work there.

I read this article last week in the Telegraph about companies like McD’s that has a cultish workplace, where all the staff loves to display how happy they are to work at said place and it’s the same for many companies, big and small! And this additude that staff should automatically enjoy working at their workplaces and would do everything they’re asked for, including more of their time, before they’re even hired, is coming… or is already here, in the UK.


Now, as someone who is unemployed most of the time, when applying for work the dreaded questions is usually present. Question, specifically, like “why do you want to work for us?”

Well, now. Maybe it’s because I need to work and earn money to buy things and pay the rent and other bills. It’s not like I would specifically target a company just because I actually “like” them or anything…. right?

Well, I would assume it’s the same for other people. For companise to go on the assumption all the time that people would want to work for them because of the companies past successes is very misleading. Some people do though, but usually most people would work elsewhere to build experience and qualifications before getting their dream job at the big leagues (if you will).

Take, for example, wrestlers. A lot of them wretle for years across the world before landing in the WWE. They don’t expect to get a job at the WWE like their mother handing them food on a plate when they were babies.

But, I’m not a career type of person and would prefer to just simply apply for a job filling up drinks at a bar or cleaning up plates as a kitchen porter or talking to people in a call center. Get something simple like those and pay my way. Saving up for nice things like new computer hardware for my custom PC that I’m using right now to type this up right here on my barely used blog gimmick.

(And spend my money on other things, not forgetting to paying rent too).


So, next time I come across questions like “Why do you want to work for us?”, I’ll just simply say, “Coz I need money to pay for this gimmick called rent and bills and food and etc.”


I guess I’m really just expressing my annoyences in applying for work and just want to get through the basics and questions should be saved for interviews.


Don’t ask me if I had “the operation” and don’t call me “sir”!

Today I was at the charity shop that the lovely (sarcasm) Seetec and Jobcenter had sent me too. I’m on my second Friday out of 4 fridays there, and transphobia and misgendering happend.

Starting off first with some woman who I believe has MH issues, was trying to joke with me about “men wearing dresses”, I then stamered trying to tell her that it’s not ok to say things like that. Earlier she keeps on interupting me trying to have a chat with the lovely manager is well a couple of times which naturally I was a little annoyed about, but I digress.

Later on I was sitting by the till with another volutare and the inevitable happend.

“Have you had the operation yet?”

The ultimate thing a cis person can ask a trans person that makes the recipient feel very uncomfortable makes one wonder if this person who asks this has any boundries at all.

I tried to tell them that it’s not ok to ask that but as usual with cis people, they try to make an excuse. Their’s were “but there was this man on TV who…..” *brain switched off*

Yeah, very uncomfortable. It made me wonder why I had ever talked to this person.

Lastly, someone tried to call my phone up many times, only for them or me by accident, hung up. Well I managed to answer this one time and it was someone from my mobile phone operator. They were trying to get me topossibly part some cash a month on some new plan with a new sim card, all the while calling me “sir” even after I told them my name! AAAARRRRRGHHH!!!

You can bet i’m not going to take up their offer!

If these things in the charity shop happen again, I shall talk to the lovely manager (and she is very lovely) about what is happening, because I won’t put up with this crap! And neither should any other trans person who has or will be put in the same position as I have!

Rainbow flag and pride isn’t for the straight, cis people!

Recently around the time of the ruling in america that all 50 states should be allowing same sex marriage and pride event in Londond plus otehr parts of the world, me and others within  teh LGBTQIA+ community has witness many cishets changing their Facebook and Twitter profile pics/avatars to the rainbow LGBTQIA+ pride flag.

This is a problem for these reasons.

That for millennials, all cishets have never been oppressed just for being Cis and heterosexual.

LGBTQIA+ has been opprssed by cishets for many decades and for transgender and intersex people, been murdered in cold blood becuase they’re trans and/or intersex.

All LGBTQIA+ People have for some decades been seen as being gross, disgusting, unnatural etc.

So, the rainbow flag that’s supposed to represent all of us that are different to cishets because of gender pressentation and sexuality came around because we felt like we needed to stand up for ourselves and look out for one another and fight for our right to live as ourselves and to lead as normal a life as possible without persecution. Cis and heterosexuals, this flag isn’t for you, it’s for us who have been oppressed by you for centuries! Stop waving our flags and stop using them in your online profile pics!!

New location for the Serana Beta Podcasts

Due to the extreme limitations of Soundcloud, I will no longer upload my podcasts on there. However I have found a new, better place for my podcasts, PodOmatic. All 3 episodes that has been created are already available on there.¬† (There’s also a paypal donate button on there too, if you would like to donate through that instead of donating monthly on my Patreon.)

Hopefully I will have a guest on next weeks episode, so I hope you’ll be there for the next podcast, next Saturday. x

Quickie on GG’ers.

So just a quick, short post. I have been made aware that i’m on a block list by GG’ers (GamerGate-ers) just for following a few people who call themselves “Social Justice Warriors” (Which Vivan calls themself, which, as some of my twitter followers will know, I flirt often with).

One problem I have is this: How pathetic are these GG’ers when they put people on the block list who’s twitter accounts are locked? I highly doubt any of them would follow a locked account anyway.

So, i’m block number 41355. And currently as i’m typing this there are a total of 54456 twitter users on this list JUST because they follow 2 or more users who are “SJW”

Well, I hope that many of those listed has never dealt with a GG’er ever. tbh.