New location for the Serana Beta Podcasts

Due to the extreme limitations of Soundcloud, I will no longer upload my podcasts on there. However I have found a new, better place for my podcasts, PodOmatic. All 3 episodes that has been created are already available on there.  (There’s also a paypal donate button on there too, if you would like to donate through that instead of donating monthly on my Patreon.)

Hopefully I will have a guest on next weeks episode, so I hope you’ll be there for the next podcast, next Saturday. x


Podcasting, more blogging and Patreon.

Hiya peeps.

For the best part of the last month or two, I have been planning to create and start a podcast (Which is called “The Serana Beta Podcast“)

The idea behind this podcast right now is for me to talk about various issues, news stories and anything else I want to talk about (a bit like this blog, really. But vocally). I also would like to try and have guests on here if possible. I now have a microphone that I will soon test out  that will be used for the podcast.

In addition to starting a podcast, I am also starting a Patreon, to help me financially while doing this weekly podcasts. If your a fan of my podcasts, blogging, vlogs or tweets, you can donate to me any sum of money to me if you want. You don’t have to, but I would be very grateful if you did.

On the subject of this blog of mine, I will try and use it again more often. I will probably try and blog about my visit to the Norwich Gaming Fest that has been happening all week and I will try and go to tomorrow and experience everything that is going on. From displays of retro games to carrer advice and talks from games developers and journalists.

I’m hoping I can stay motivated and pledges to support me through Patreon may help me in doing all these things. I hope I can be entertaining and informative for everyone. x

P.S. Podcasts to start next weekend. x

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Pink Panthers Movement and First GIC appointment.

Just an hour ago from me typing this up, I’ve had a phone call while at the city from the Charing Cross GIC in London to discuss booking my first appointment. It is set on the 30th December. I’m looking for ward to it.

Also, 2 weeks ago, I had a very short convo with the Pink Panthers Movement President, Todd Haley II, and he asked me if I want to be the International trans chapter leader for the PPM. I gave it a few days to think about becasue this had surprised me quite a bit, being I was only with them for less than a month already, so I decided to agree and a few days later, it was announced on the trans chapter facebook page that I am the chapter’s new leader. This makes me feel like a huge responsibility has been placed on me, yet, i’m only doing the same stuff now that I was doing. It’s because their website is being rebuilt and once it’s done, I will then have more things to do as the trans chapter leader. It’ a little scary, but i’m looking forward to what will happen in the future with myself and them.

So, still looking for work I had a job interview today, plus I’m now doing weekly sign on at the jobcenter. No longer going there every day, thankfully.

And of course, christmas is around the corner. ^_^ x

Norwich Pride

Hello. Had a enjoyable day in my home city for Norwich Pride. But I’ll start at the beginning.

Which is at home. Simple, got myself ready at took a couple of selfies.




So, I got to the Forum and an hour later went downstairs to the curve before “Beyond a fringe issue: Why everyone should care about trans rights”


As you can see, nobody was there at the start. It took a few minutes for the prsenters to show up. And they did. They are CN Lester (Trans activist and musician).



Then, after that at about 12pm, was “Question Time Debate” (minus shouting over each other). Some quite good questions and answers came out of it. (None of which I can’t remember right now. :/ )


Afterwards, I got talkong with CN Lester about various things and me and Hannah (My gorgeous friend) agreed for me to show CN the way to the Chapelfield Gardens, where they were going to perform some songs later on. And more pics, with me and CN making silly faces. 🙂



So got to the Chapelfield Gardens where CN Lester was going to perform as well as Voter Kernal (My beautiful friends band!). While there, met some new faces and old. And found myself generally chilled out for the rest of the day! 🙂

Me and Hannah! :)

Me and Hannah! 🙂

Voter Kernel performing.

Voter Kernel performing.

After that,Me, Hannah and some others was going to chill out at one of the forums cafe. While waiting for them, I met Elly Barnes and got to chat a little with her and , yep, more pics!


So it was quite a day. I even felt like my ears might’ve popped from all the whistling from the parade that I was trying to avoid. But I enjoyed the whole day and just loved all of it. 🙂