Podcasting, more blogging and Patreon.

Hiya peeps.

For the best part of the last month or two, I have been planning to create and start a podcast (Which is called “The Serana Beta Podcast“)

The idea behind this podcast right now is for me to talk about various issues, news stories and anything else I want to talk about (a bit like this blog, really. But vocally). I also would like to try and have guests on here if possible. I now have a microphone that I will soon test out  that will be used for the podcast.

In addition to starting a podcast, I am also starting a Patreon, to help me financially while doing this weekly podcasts. If your a fan of my podcasts, blogging, vlogs or tweets, you can donate to me any sum of money to me if you want. You don’t have to, but I would be very grateful if you did.

On the subject of this blog of mine, I will try and use it again more often. I will probably try and blog about my visit to the Norwich Gaming Fest that has been happening all week and I will try and go to tomorrow and experience everything that is going on. From displays of retro games to carrer advice and talks from games developers and journalists.

I’m hoping I can stay motivated and pledges to support me through Patreon may help me in doing all these things. I hope I can be entertaining and informative for everyone. x

P.S. Podcasts to start next weekend. x

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“Anti-cis” and TDoR.

I’ve been seeing on twitter quite a bit of fellow trans* people saying stuff like, “I don’t know why people are anti-cis”.

So, i’m typing this up because I find it really dis-heartening that there are trans* people who seem ignorant by the amount of delibereate and accidental abuse by cis folks againts trans* folks. Small stuff like, misgendering, stereotyping and discrimination. And major stuff like murders.

Now, not every abuse and murder etc. are becuse of a persons trans* status, I get that. But more that it’s a simple fact that the majority of trans* people murdered are by cis people…… Except, maybe just this one.

Sonia Burgess, a gender variant person and lawyer, was killed by a tube train and Nina, also *trans, went to jail for her death. ( You can read more about this here and (TW: Lots of misgendering) here)

So, except for that one (complicated) case, the majority of trans* murders is by cis people. Understand why most trans* people are weary of cis people yet?

I’m sure these figures might give you some idea of why trans* people look over their backs and each others:



From between 19/11/2013 and 14/11/2014, over 268 trans* people was murdered. Now i’m not sure if all of them was by cis people, but the majority would be. And not all of them was because of transphobia, some of these murders were racist, anti-sex workers etc. A startling statistic is that “Every 32 hours a transwoman is reported murdered.” You can read more on the TVTP report here! Despite there being no murders in Britain for the past year (yay!), that doesn’t mean it wont happen in the future. There are still cases of misgendering and sterotyping everyday in trans peoples lives (including myself) and in the media, by cis people (and sometimes, other trans* people).

I might be going to an event locally (depending on other stuff) where there might be a minutes (or longer) silence on Transgender Day of Remembrance.


So, these are some of the reasons some trans* people are, so-called “anti-cis”. Of course not every cis person is some axe wielding, trans people hunter. But of course there are a lot of wonderful cis people, take your own family for example, my own family are a great bunch, despite most of them constantly misgendering or dead naming me, with constant reminders, cis-people will get things right in the end and education about trans* peoples needs are vital in tackling transphobia.

So, I hope that on the 20th (or on other days before or after at various different events the world over), many people around the world will take a minute (or more) silence to remember all the trans* people who have died. x


Amending by adding this: I don’t really think any trans* person are truly “anti-cis” at all and accusing someone of being “anti-cis” I think is really just trying to stir up trouble. But what I’ve typed up above are only some of the reasons why a trans* person could be just a little bit “anti-cis”, which I think are good enough reasons to be weary of cis strangers, because none of us knows if we might get attacked on the streets at any moment by a cis paerson, which is partly why some trans people have social anxieties and mental health problems (I know of a couple).

So yeah, “anti-cis” is, I believe, unnecessary and can be a harmful thing to call any trans* person. Let’s just drop this awful phrase shall we?!

Transitioning shouldn’t be a big deal to the mass media!

Anybody who has the smallest bit of interest in the british (and american) media will know that this past weekend there has been a bit of a media circus surrounding the transitioning of a ledgendary boxer, now known as Kellie Maloney.

Now, i’m not into boxing at all so I don’t know anything about this person but, the circus has been in a swing over this person coming out as trans. Now, my initial response to this is to just ignore it, as it isn’t a big deal to me.

But the thing is the mass media always acts surprised about trans people. And those who are quite famous enough (Like Kellie) would find themselves on several front pages and then find themselves being talked about on national radio and TV. This is something that would be very stressful for the average person, to have all this hoo-haa happening in an important part of their life because “oooo look, a transsexual” and getting pestered by the media with uneccesary questions like, “have you had the surgery” etc.

Now, there has been a fairly large number of famous transitionings by now that it shouldn’t be a huge surprise to the media anymore. But, like the senile, “put anything shocking on the front page”, media, they keep on doing it like it’s in anyway important news. So when they do these news pieces on trans people/person, they sometimes get things spectacularly wrong! Using incorect pronouns, using dead names all the time instead the persons current name, etc.

I’ve been reading the exclusive from The Mirror that a friend shared on FB (with her saying it might interest me. Really? Oh ok, it did interest me now!) and the usual cliche of “I was born in the wrong body and I have always known I was a woman” was in the article. Now, she supposedly said this (I havn’t watched the video interview) but this is something that doesn’t hold true for a number of trans people and is such that, the media should never believe that this is always true for all trans people.

Now, there has been changes in the media, thanks to the voluntary organistaion All About Trans, that has raised awareness about trans people and yet, there’s still this big thing about us. What is it that is soo interesting about us? We’re just normal human beings! We eat, sleep and fart just like everybody else does!

So, to balance this out, I think it’s great that Kellie has decided to go ahead with her transition when she did because trying to live as someone else, other than yourself, is soul destroying. And I do hope she will have a happier life now.

SO, isn’t it time the media just stopped being giddy about trans people? We’re kind of a normal part of society now!

TERF Danger

Next is a story of 3 friends gone out for an evening together only to find out later as they were going home they find out that they were being stalked by none other than a group of TERFs (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists). Now, I’m sure some people that’ll read this will know that I despise what TERFs do to, not just trans woman, but cis allies too, so I wont go into that. But back to this story, the three friends was having a nice night out and suspected that their might have been someone stalking them or something. It turns out to be true as they came across, on Twitter (I spend alot of time on there) that the TERF stalkers were comunicating each other where the three freinds was and one of them bragged about it on twitter. Thankfully, the three woman had already left the pub and didn’t get any abuse from them.

Now, the concerning thing is most TERFs havn’t resorted to stalking people before and this is a new concern for every trans* person and trans* allies. As everyone in the community knows that TERFs has tried multiple times for years to try and wipe out the existance of Trans* people by any means neccesary (except murder). This is also worrying for me, a trans female who has a few trans friends myself, as I worry about them and myself that we could be targeted. It has already happen to one of my friends as her band got targeted by some one who i’ll just refer too as “cockroach” (My friend simply calls them “insect”). Cockroach had, on their website, accused them of something that they’re not. Although, whatever they were trying to do, it didn’t work, thankfully. But I fear that one day, one of these TERFs will hit hard once again on another trans* person and ruin their lives completly. They are very dangerous to people who want nothing more than to live their lives. And I know that I might end up becoming their next target after this is published, but there is nothing much they could do to me at this time, anyway.

Young trans girl, raises money to escape from abusive family.

I had read some tweets a few days ago about this trans girl, Liz, who was being abused by her family. I had clicked on the GoFundMe link and read the whole story myself and felt quite….. I don’t know how to put it properly, but….. connected, or something, like we might have similar experiences of getting abused by those we thought we could trust, who thought these people could unconditionally love us.
Now, I’ve already told my story that I had abuse from someone who was supposed to be my step-dad. And it took awhile for it to finally end.
But anyway, liz’s story really moved me and I got into putting the word out on twitter and even saying that this girl needs money more then me (I had a GoFundMe page as well, for hormones). So the second time I got word of this out on Twitter, I made a few tweets but couldn’t calm down, I was panicking and was short of breath. Yeah, I had a panic attack because I cared about this stranger enough that I was doing what I could to try to get people to donate.

When I was writing this blog post, I had looked at my web history to find the page again and saw that, thankfully, she has hit her target. Which I am glad and there is a message from her girlfriend expressing gratitude. Now I just hope that Liz can now get away from her abusive family and have a great life ahead of her.