Modding. Good or Bad?




The above images are from some of the various Modding Websites that has over 1000s of mods to change how games are played, or how they look. But, is it right that people can play how their games can be played? When game mods could corrupt some games but make others more playable in fixing things that official patches might miss or break.

I personally use mods on some of my PC games (Mainly for The Sims 3, with 600+ mods, but the majority of these are visual). I have come across some turds that either dosen’t work, looks awful or crashes the game. But it’s when one can have the patients, a new version of the mod may get created , fixing whatever problem was in the original.

Other problems are when a mod make the game too easy, or too hard for the game to be playable. One would assume with the later the player might have already played some way in the game to be able to play with a more difficult game, or if they played the game long enough to know the ins and out of the whole game, unless, the mod made the game extremly difficult to the point of being un-completable.

The other kind of mod, is visual. It’s a fun little thing to have new visual and it won’t change how the game plays. It’s like adding decals or new spray paint on a car.It’s something nice to look at, so it’s something that doesn’t usually take much to install on a game and usually doesn’t cause problems.

So ultimatly, havinga game changing mod might take away what the developers may have in mind in how their game is played, unless, of course, people want something fixed or make it easier or harder. Or just want things to look prettier. (There are other kind of mods available.)


Sonic the Hedgehog. The greatest Sega MegaDrive game?

Released in 1991, Sonic the Hedgehog was Sega’s answer to Nintendos Mario Bros.Image

The game idea was simple, to play as Sonic and get through all the levels without dying too much or it’s game over.

I have played this game as one of the first in my life when i was just a child, it was certainly very entertaining for me as i weren’t that interested in anything else at the time and it was my introduction to gaming.

The thought of beating the games finall boss as well as collecting all the Chaos Emeralds excited my young brain back then, now days it’s just a little distraction from everyday life, or from waiting for another game to load.

With 6 unique levels with 3 acts each and a “Final Zone”, It would take the average gamer a little over an hour to complete without stopping.

But the main reason it was so popular wasn’t the gameplay or how long it took to get through the whole game. It was the cuteness and, the music.

The music was inspired by Micheal Jackson songs (the tunes, not the bloke signing them). The catchyness of the music from the game helped people remember not just the game itself, but the main character. Which might explain why some people are obsessed with the character and all the sequels that came after this game.

So is this the greatest Sega MegaDrive game that got realesed? Well, no. Probably one of it’s sequals were, but which one? Sonic 2? Sonic 3?

Sonic 2 was far more memoriable and yet, sonic 3 and sonic & knuckles (effectively the same game, released seperatly because of cartridge limitations) sold more then either the first or second game (at the time).

So really, who knows. I would say, back when i was a kid, that Sonic 2 was the better game, yet i didn’t play sonic 3 because it was something that i just didn’t have back then. But now, im not really sure. They’re all great games for their time i like playing all of them today.

A little bit about me.

A little bit about me before i start posting on anything else.

I’m 24, known i was transgendered for about 6-7 years, but felt different my whole life.

Loved videogames since i was either 3 or 4 when i saw a videogame for the first time. It was Sonic the Hedgehog. Later played my first game, can’t remember what it was (probably Sonic again).

My earliest memories of gender expression started about toddler age (4-6 years old) when i coloured my nails with felt tip pens. Which my (then) step-dad reacted angrily at that and lead to being incredibly scared of expressing my mental gender in anyway possible. Which led in me trying to be something that i felt i wasn’t. So i try’d to express my gender to myself, secretly, with make-up and nail varnish. I rarely cross-dressed however, as it just felt un-neccesary.

Now days im in transition, finally. And continuing with my no.1 hobby of playing, reading and sleeping videogames. I even tweet about videogames along with other subjects that interest me like music film politics and funny stuff, although at this time in writing, i won’t reveal my twitter profile at this timefor perosnal reason, as in, because im not publicly out yet. (or facebook, at all)

So i will write more posts about my life in transitioning plus opinion and other things in the videogame world like certain past and future games and consoles, plus i’ll write anything else that might matter to me alot like any news or politcal story that might have something to do trans issues, or not.

So visit often, im sure i’ll be posting quite often in the first month or two. x