Quickie on GG’ers.

So just a quick, short post. I have been made aware that i’m on a block list by GG’ers (GamerGate-ers) just for following a few people who call themselves “Social Justice Warriors” (Which Vivan calls themself, which, as some of my twitter followers will know, I flirt often with).

One problem I have is this: How pathetic are these GG’ers when they put people on the block list who’s twitter accounts are locked? I highly doubt any of them would follow a locked account anyway.

So, i’m block number 41355. And currently as i’m typing this there are a total of 54456 twitter users on this list JUST because they follow 2 or more users who are “SJW”

Well, I hope that many of those listed has never dealt with a GG’er ever. tbh.