My day in London and at the GIC.


So yesterday I was at London for my first GIC appointment and it has gone well.

So, the first thing I did yesterday was to get up, have sandwich and tea, feed the cat and made sure I had everything plus put my make-up on and walked all the way to the bus station and just as I showed up, the coached showed up at the same time. Awesome. On one of the stops, my companion, an older transwoman, came on. She was going to accompany me and help me find my way to the GIC building, which was much needed as this is (of course) my first time going there.

So as we got to London Victoria coach station, the first order of business was to get an oyster card. It was £5 deposit for the card…. blimey! Then once I got that we head to the bus stop to get on the number 211 bus and head to the clinic.

At the clinic, I was waiting for my turn and I nearly dozed off. But any, got to see the doctor…. psychologist…. whatever, and got what I wanted. To possibly get funding for Laser Hair Removal (He said 8 sessions, which I didn’t expect, tbh.), hormones (prescription), which might get to start after my next GIC appointment and, maybe, GRS…. If I do want it (I’m leaning towards that I do want GRS…. but not entirely sure). He seemed pleased with the evidence of me doing stuff like volunatry stuff with the Pink Panthers Movement International Trans Chapter and me appearing on the local news for the trans booklet back on TDoR.

After that, went to the main Charing Cross hospital building to get my blood taken then went to the resturant for food. went back to the GIC because I forgot about travel expenses, didn’t have proof of me being on JSA…. Doh!

And walked around a bit (a few hours almost). Had a sausage roll and later chips and chicken burger then waited at the Coach Station for the coach home.

Got home, made me feel very grateful to be living in Norfolk, it’s very polluted down there in London. I’m deffo not going back until my next appointment (In June)!


Lots of stuff happend.

Since my last blog post alot has happend and changed. Lost friends, gained new ones, had lots of job interviews but still unemployed, signed up to twitch to stream most of my gaming, trying to learn to code….. very slowly, getting gendered correctly and misgendered, going on a hospitality course for holiday inn (guaranteed job interview if passed!) and finally, my little break from twitter (which I shall be back on and tweeting before this is published on friday).


So, I think i’ll start with the gendering, while going around to places to hand in my CV, a number of times I had been misgendered, but one sticks in my head. This one was going to Clinton cards at the Castle Mall and the shop assistant at the till was the one to misgender me, but as she had brought over one of the managers to mention about me wanting to apply for something, the manager looked straight past me! I’m assuming she read me as female, which was awesome, of course. But I was a little annoyed by the assistant misgendering me.

Also, my own mom still uses the wrong pronouns and still calls me by my dead name, by accident though. And i’m still having to correct her all the time. -_-

There are one or two other gendering stories but they’re a part of the other stories, though.


So, something I have started up, live streaming on I’ve set this up so I can stream games, but I don’t have a PlayStation 4 just yet. Not to worry, i’ll stream my PC games, which I have done and will continue to do so. Already streamed playing Sonic 1& 2, The Sims 4, Skyrim and Civilization 5. Rumors have it that WWE 2K15 might be coming to PC is well, so if it does, I’m having that game on the PC, if not, PS4 instead (better save money!).


So, lost a friend (or two, maybe) and was the main reason why I stopped tweeting, though I stopped for nearly a whole week as a way to take time out of the social networking site and locked my account (or “Protect my tweet” as it’s called on the settings page). As I have stopped tweeting, I was at the same week, been going to a place to take my hospitality course. In the begining, there were two tests, and I passed them both on my first try (as nobody else had managed to do, as far as i’m aware of). Also, as i’m just now typing this bit friday evening, i’m happy to say that everybody there appears to know that i’m trans and the tutor knew the difference between sex and gender. This is totally awesome as it shows that trans awareness is working!! (also, I believe I may have passed the courses so I’ll have new certificates) ^_^

Anyway, back to the friend thing, What happend was I had notice I’d lost a follower, no real biggy, until I found out who. Alexa. This really shocked me as I had no solid idea why (though I think I know why), I was also very upset, felt like I’ve lost a friend and that really hurt me! Although I know she was going through tough times over a backlash over something she put up on her blog, I’ve felt it was unnecesary to unfollow me just because I may have made a bit of a joke about something else. I wasn’t trying to be mean or anything, and I simply can’t understand why she would say nothing about it (though, she had gone quiet, too quiet, for a few days).


Finally, trying to learn how to code. It’s a bit difficult but currently trying to build a website through HTML and CSS. I’ve tried this before so I know i’ll get through that eventually. But what I really want to learn, is C++. I have the software, and a guide book. I just need motivation now!!


So as i’m now closing this, I have just a few more things to add: I have a job interview monday (Yay!) and I’ve had my first (and 2nd 3rd 4th 5th etc.) visit to the ladies toilets at the course thingy (only because they didn’t have disabled toilets and I deffo didn’t want to go to the mens!!).


And that’s it. Wish me luck in my job hunting!! 🙂


(p.s. please check out my Amazon wishlist and…. buy me something? It’s my birthday next month, would like prezzies please.)

Suffolk Pride

Been to the Suffolk Pride today and i’m just writing up the things that has happend.


So, i’ll start of with, left home, got on bus, realised i forgot my wallet and a couple of bottle water. Oh well, i have my phone to listen to my music with…….. Got on train, looked in bag…….. forgot phone. -_-

So the whole train trip was ok, except at the start, i wasn’t meant to jump straight on as soon as the train arrives, they do a bit of cleaning before they let people on. Oops.


Got to Ipswich (first visit ever!), found the waterfront easily, but not where the stages were. I was where the parade march would’ve started. So i got to talking to some volunteers and asked where the stages are then genereal chit-chat, where i was from, how old i am, etc. Then i walked with one of the volunteers (I think his name was Ed, not sure) to the main pride area where the main stage plus stalls were while the parade was marching very slowly behind us. Got to the stage and met my good friend Hannah, who was in charge of the main stage, so she was very busy.


Then i went to sit on the grass opposit of the stage and watch this drag performer Titty Trash being host (and slightly bad singer), for the day and brought on a Brazillian band called “Bafo da onca” who, i believe, was the band thumping in front of the parade. They played their different songs for about half an hour then they leave with Titty Trash coming for the first time, waved away the group then sang a bit (badly) and introduced my friends band “Voter Kernel“. And they played greatly like they do. They even fit in there anti-TERF song “TERF War“, which has, just yesterday, got uploaded onto their Soundcloud.

During all that, while sitting on my arse, I was eating some of my food then after Voter finished got up and had a quick walk around. Went into a big tent where various local organisations, some government, where displaying there stuff about what they do. So i just browsed and….. browsed. I also talked to a woman (can’t remember her name, sorry!) who goes to the same trans meetings that i go to. She works for Victim Support (I think).

Afterwards i listend to another band. From Bury St. Edmonds, Suffolk, “Horse Party” (Awesome band name!). This was the first time listening to them and they rock my boat. They were good, totally my kind of music….. Loud! After that another Suffolk Pride volunteer saw me and recognised me! Apparently, this guy recognised me from Twitter and said thanks to all the tweets (and Retweets) that i made to mention the pride event, which was really cool! So thanks for that Will (i hope i havn’t got these names wrong!!)

Then i walked around a bit more, found the Acoustic Stage, which i didn’t spend much time at all through the day and looked at a couple of stalls that were selling jewellry, belt buckles LGBT ties, etc. Then i got talking to another volunteer, Amy. Who, it occured to me while talking, is also Trans, I thought she was cis, just like I thought Hannah was cis the first time i meet her! Amy was quite nice and found it quite interesting talking to another young Trans person as I only know Trans people older than me, which is cool.

Now, I just realised that this is all in a random order these events, as i can’t remember how everything happend in order so i’ll move on the next things i remember.

I listend to a bit of a speach by speaker Elly Barnes, talking about how LGBT people are different to Heteorsexuals and telling people that talking to teachers at schools to increse awareness about young LGBT students because that, bizarrely, isn’t coverd by teacher training courses. Which is a very good idea that parents should do. Not me though, I don’t have kids.

I listend to a bit of another band (that i almost forgot about, oops) who comes from Ipswich itself, named “The Invisible Monsters“. They were loud too, love that kind of music where it’s loud rock bands! 😀

Also listend to a bit of a Pink cover band called “M!ss Understood“, which I didn’t pay too much attention too. It isn’t that i dislike Pink, i don’t, but it just didn’t interest me much. After that, i said goodbye to Hannah and made my way home.


Other bands and speakers i have missed are: “Rajiv” (not a band), “Lost Lungs“, “The Handsome Dead“, Dan Bunker (speaker), “Elephant in the Room“, “Finding Frank”, Hannah Scott (Not my friend, a different Hannah), Janine, Jessica Alice, “Fern Teather Band” and James Morgan.


So, i got home (already said that) and i am absolutly stinging hurting, from getting sunburns on my arms, face, chest and back. But it was a good day!


Next up, in 35 days from today, Norwich Pride. 😀



NB:  Janine did have a facebook page but it came up blank and Finding Frank and Bato da Onca doesn’t appear to have websites, FB profiles, Titter, soundcloud or anything else. Sorry!

Lost job, can’t get new one. Voice therapy and Prides.

So…. I’ve lost my job about a month ago. No big deal as the manager was an……. well, i just didn’t like the guy one bit, there was something massively ‘off’ about him.

It was zero hours and i was getting less then the Jobseekers Allowance. So, i would have quitted anyway. It was a dead end job with no real opportunities to move on up at all.

And now, i’m having difficulties getting a new job, i can’t even get a volutary position at the Citizens Advice Bureau because i “don’t have enough experience to deal with the preassures”. Which is bullshit because i know what it’s like to be in a preasured environment where i have to work my butt off just to make sure everything is running smothly. All i wanted to do is reception role, which should be fairly straight forward so i don’t know what makes them think i can’t do something that i can do. This is the same for every receptionist job vacancy i’ve ever applied for. I’m absolutly sure i can do that kind of work but am always rejected. This is a major pain in the arse because too many companys/boses wants “experienced” people and not those who might not have it but who could, potentially, be very good at the job, given time.


Moving on, i now have a date and time for my first Speach Feminisation Therapy at the main hospital. I have tried a little bit of trying to train my voice on my own but i need some professional help and i am glad that i have managed to get some now.


Also coming up later this month is the Suffolk Pride down at Ipswich, Suffolk. I will be going there, i have my train tickets already and it will be my first pride event AND my first ever visit to Ipswich, and i already have in mind what to wear. My purple skirt, my current new shoes, tights and this new top i had recently bought and worn just yesterday (The necklace is new too, bought at a antiques store).


Next month is the Norwich Pride, not sure what i’ll wear to that one just yet though.


Lastly, been waiting to hear from All About Trans about any future interactions in Norfolk or Suffolk, sadly, there doesn’t appear to be any yet. I hope there will be as i would like to be more involved with LGBT stuff, especially Trans related things, instead of just engaging the community on twitter and at the trans meetings every month. The point of All About Trans is talking to media representatives from newspapers, local radio, local bloggers etc.and try to have them see that trans people are human beings who, like themselves, are just trying to get by in life,preferably without getting any abuse or ridicule.  And i’m hoping to do this soon. I’m looking forward to it.


Well, i think that is everything. I’ll be considering making my next blog post all about….. suffolk pride!


Until next time, take care you beautiful people!

Coming out to friends and family in mass, plus more.

At this time in writing (typing) i have broke the news of my transitioning to family and friends plus my mom has shared it so those family members, for whatever reason arn’t on my friends list, will also know. Currently fromthe tiny amount of people so far that has seen it, it has been all positives so far. ^_^

Also, tomorrow i am having my name changed officially by having the signature witnessed.

Also, in my last blog post i mentioned that the second person i had come out too, well, maybe i didn’t, but anyway, i will now tell everyone come thursday and saturday that my name is officially Serana and im transitioning. So i’ll have to remind everyone there that i’m now to be called serana and not my old, dead, name.

That is all until whenever i’ll blog next time, which could be about a videogame (most likely “The Last of Us”).