Podcasting, more blogging and Patreon.

Hiya peeps.

For the best part of the last month or two, I have been planning to create and start a podcast (Which is called “The Serana Beta Podcast“)

The idea behind this podcast right now is for me to talk about various issues, news stories and anything else I want to talk about (a bit like this blog, really. But vocally). I also would like to try and have guests on here if possible. I now have a microphone that I will soon test out  that will be used for the podcast.

In addition to starting a podcast, I am also starting a Patreon, to help me financially while doing this weekly podcasts. If your a fan of my podcasts, blogging, vlogs or tweets, you can donate to me any sum of money to me if you want. You don’t have to, but I would be very grateful if you did.

On the subject of this blog of mine, I will try and use it again more often. I will probably try and blog about my visit to the Norwich Gaming Fest that has been happening all week and I will try and go to tomorrow and experience everything that is going on. From displays of retro games to carrer advice and talks from games developers and journalists.

I’m hoping I can stay motivated and pledges to support me through Patreon may help me in doing all these things. I hope I can be entertaining and informative for everyone. x

P.S. Podcasts to start next weekend. x

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Quickie on GG’ers.

So just a quick, short post. I have been made aware that i’m on a block list by GG’ers (GamerGate-ers) just for following a few people who call themselves “Social Justice Warriors” (Which Vivan calls themself, which, as some of my twitter followers will know, I flirt often with).

One problem I have is this: How pathetic are these GG’ers when they put people on the block list who’s twitter accounts are locked? I highly doubt any of them would follow a locked account anyway.

So, i’m block number 41355. And currently as i’m typing this there are a total of 54456 twitter users on this list JUST because they follow 2 or more users who are “SJW”

Well, I hope that many of those listed has never dealt with a GG’er ever. tbh.