Podcasting, more blogging and Patreon.

Hiya peeps.

For the best part of the last month or two, I have been planning to create and start a podcast (Which is called “The Serana Beta Podcast“)

The idea behind this podcast right now is for me to talk about various issues, news stories and anything else I want to talk about (a bit like this blog, really. But vocally). I also would like to try and have guests on here if possible. I now have a microphone that I will soon test out  that will be used for the podcast.

In addition to starting a podcast, I am also starting a Patreon, to help me financially while doing this weekly podcasts. If your a fan of my podcasts, blogging, vlogs or tweets, you can donate to me any sum of money to me if you want. You don’t have to, but I would be very grateful if you did.

On the subject of this blog of mine, I will try and use it again more often. I will probably try and blog about my visit to the Norwich Gaming Fest that has been happening all week and I will try and go to tomorrow and experience everything that is going on. From displays of retro games to carrer advice and talks from games developers and journalists.

I’m hoping I can stay motivated and pledges to support me through Patreon may help me in doing all these things. I hope I can be entertaining and informative for everyone. x

P.S. Podcasts to start next weekend. x

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Sonic the Hedgehog. The greatest Sega MegaDrive game?

Released in 1991, Sonic the Hedgehog was Sega’s answer to Nintendos Mario Bros.Image

The game idea was simple, to play as Sonic and get through all the levels without dying too much or it’s game over.

I have played this game as one of the first in my life when i was just a child, it was certainly very entertaining for me as i weren’t that interested in anything else at the time and it was my introduction to gaming.

The thought of beating the games finall boss as well as collecting all the Chaos Emeralds excited my young brain back then, now days it’s just a little distraction from everyday life, or from waiting for another game to load.

With 6 unique levels with 3 acts each and a “Final Zone”, It would take the average gamer a little over an hour to complete without stopping.

But the main reason it was so popular wasn’t the gameplay or how long it took to get through the whole game. It was the cuteness and, the music.

The music was inspired by Micheal Jackson songs (the tunes, not the bloke signing them). The catchyness of the music from the game helped people remember not just the game itself, but the main character. Which might explain why some people are obsessed with the character and all the sequels that came after this game.

So is this the greatest Sega MegaDrive game that got realesed? Well, no. Probably one of it’s sequals were, but which one? Sonic 2? Sonic 3?

Sonic 2 was far more memoriable and yet, sonic 3 and sonic & knuckles (effectively the same game, released seperatly because of cartridge limitations) sold more then either the first or second game (at the time).

So really, who knows. I would say, back when i was a kid, that Sonic 2 was the better game, yet i didn’t play sonic 3 because it was something that i just didn’t have back then. But now, im not really sure. They’re all great games for their time i like playing all of them today.